West Brom 1-2 Stoke City (11.05.2014) Live Commentary

We have been witnesses to an uneventful game without many stirring situations. There is a space for improvement in other games. There wasn’t any significant dominance on either side in this game. In terms of strategy, the hosts were waiting for the correct moment to win the ball and to launch the counter-attack. The visiting side applied playmaking style of football.
Nothing more will happen today, Lee Probert has blown his whistle and the game is over.
A short through ball almost allows Peter Crouch (Stoke City) to get in a good shooting position, but he loses it to one of the defenders.
It is a throw-in after the ball crosses the sideline.
Fourth official shows 4 min. of added time.
The referee signals that it is time for a substitution and Matthew Etherington (Stoke City) will replace Marko Arnautovic.
The referee signals a substitution. Matej Vydra (West Brom) is brought on as a substitute for Youssouf Mulumbu.
The resulting corner from Graham Dorrans (West Brom) only finds one of the defenders, who heads it out of danger.
Decent spell from West Brom here and they’re keeping the pressure on, until one of the defending players comes in. The ball leaves the pitch. West Brom have been awarded a corner kick.
What a spectacular moment! Charles Graham Adam (Stoke City) skips past the defenders and as he gets more space, he blasts a long-range strike at goal. The fans are amazed when they see the ball going into the bottom right corner. The scoreline is 1:2.
An accurate pass to the edge of the box is well received by Victor Anichebe (West Brom), who flashes an instinctive shot towards goal, but it goes inches over the top.
Charles Graham Adam (Stoke City) takes the corner but fails to find any of his teammates as he overhits the effort.
The manager has decided to make a substitution and Liam O’Neil (West Brom) walks off the pitch to be replaced by Craig Dawson.
The possession of the ball – 43:57.
The referee stops play so that a substitution can be made and Jonathan Walters will leave the pitch so that Charles Graham Adam (Stoke City) can replace him.
A long through ball almost allows James Morrison (West Brom) to get in a good chance, but he loses it to one of the defenders.
Peter Crouch (Stoke City) joins the action as a substitute, replacing Peter Odemwingie.
Graham Dorrans (West Brom) takes the resulting corner which is averted.
Stephane Sessegnon (West Brom) latches on to a brilliant through ball, he gets in a promising position, but one of the defenders is alert to danger and dispossess him. The assistant referee points to the corner flag, West Brom are going to take it.
Lee Probert blows the whistle. Stephen Ireland (Stoke City) brings one of his opponents down with a harsh tackle. West Brom are given a free kick. Will they create a chance from this?
The Stoke City players keep the ball and are exchanging a combination of passes. They are waiting for gaps in defence to open up.
Geoff Cameron (Stoke City) gives away foul for a clumsy challenge. Referee Lee Probert saw the whole situation.
Peter Odemwingie (Stoke City) fails to beat the offside trap and the linesman puts his flag up.
Jonathan Walters (Stoke City) finds himself in a promising position after receiving an excellent pass into the box, but one of the defenders produces timely intervention to avert the threat. The ball is out of the pitch and it’s a goal kick for West Brom.
Stoke City keep the ball and are displaying some tiki-taka style passing at the moment.
Craig Dawson (West Brom) is asking for medical treatment, but he will have to leave the pitch in order to receive help from the physio.
The resulting corner from Stephen Ireland (Stoke City) is averted by the opposition’s defence.
Marko Arnautovic (Stoke City) produces a ferocious strike from the edge of the box. His dangerous effort, directed towards the bottom right corner, is blocked by Ben Foster who pulls off a superb save to keep the ball out of the net. The assistant referee makes a right call and Stoke City will have a corner.
The substitution is prepared. Victor Anichebe (West Brom) joins the action as a substitute, replacing Morgan Amalfitano.
What a chance that is! Youssouf Mulumbu (West Brom) wastes a huge opportunity as he receives a beautiful pass inside the box but is somehow only able to prod the ball onto the left post!
Thomas Sorensen was forced into action to thwart Stephane Sessegnon (West Brom). He found himself some space after picking up a pass and unleashed a shot to the underside of the crossbar but couldn’t beat the keeper.
Stoke City’s players are exchanging short passes from one to another, waiting for the right moment to beat the opposition’s defence.
Graham Dorrans (West Brom) launches an inaccurate corner kick into the penalty area.
Stephane Sessegnon (West Brom) scores as he latches on to a pass inside the penalty box and fires a perfect low strike that goes inside the right post. What a clinical goal!
A precise low pass is received by Peter Odemwingie (Stoke City), who makes a yard for himself on the edge of the box and sends a poorly placed shot that sails well over the bar.
The assistant referee signals offside, and the main referee confirms his decision. Stephane Sessegnon (West Brom) is the one who was caught offside.
The resulting corner from Stephen Ireland (Stoke City) is cleared by the defence.
Marko Arnautovic (Stoke City) produces a ferocious strike from the edge of the box. His dangerous effort, directed towards the middle of the goal, is blocked by Ben Foster who pulls off a superb save to keep the ball out of the net. The referee points to the corner flag. Stoke City are given a corner.
Marko Arnautovic (Stoke City) blasts the ball high over the crossbar.
Players from West Brom keep the ball on their feet as they are exchanging some long passes. They controlled the ball until one of the players produced an inaccurate pass one which led to a loss.
Ben Foster (West Brom) will take the free kick.
The game is interrupted as Marko Arnautovic (Stoke City) is flagged for offside.
Morgan Amalfitano (West Brom) attempts to scoop the ball into the box through the defence, but one of the defending players produces a timely intervention. The ball is out of play, and the assistant referee points at the corner flag. West Brom will take it.
The whistle blows and Lee Probert starts the second half.
Plenty of entertaiment during the first 45 minutes, great half of football. We hope that this continues in the second half. During the first 45 minutes, we have witnessed the ascendency of the visiting team who have been precise and effective. The home players press a lot which puts the away team in difficult situations, but they still present themselves with possession football.
Lee Probert has ended the first half by blowing the whistle.
The corner, delivered by Graham Dorrans (West Brom), is intercepted by Thomas Sorensen (Stoke City).
West Brom are showcasing great team work and neat passing move.
Ryan Shawcross (Stoke City) came with a sweet piledriver. He controlled a pass, glanced at the goal and fired from the edge of the box. It could have been a difficult one for the keeper, but he only hit one of the defenders off whom the ball bounced away.
Jonas Olsson (West Brom) is quickest inside the box and leaps to connect with the resulting set piece. He produces a fine header, but it floats just over the crossbar.
Corner kick. Graham Dorrans (West Brom) is ready to send the ball in.
Stephen Ireland (Stoke City) sends a wonderful cross from the corner kick. However, the defence works perfectly to clear the ball and to avert the threat.
Wow, what an escape. Jonathan Walters (Stoke City) has an effort from inside the box but it’s brilliantly blocked.
Morgan Amalfitano (West Brom) is picked up by one of his teammates with a brilliant long-range cross, but he doesn’t receive the ball well and the defence eliminates the danger without problems. What a pity.
Stoke City hold possession of the ball and display neat passing move from player to player. They are waiting for the right moment to open the opposition’s defence to hit them swiftly on the break.
Youssouf Mulumbu (West Brom) produces a killer pass onto Morgan Amalfitano (West Brom), who loses the ball to one of the defenders.
Stephen Ireland (Stoke City) puts a cross into the box from the corner but there is no panic for the oppositon as they easily clear.
Close! Peter Odemwingie (Stoke City) picks it up in space and from inside the penalty area sends a shot that sails inches wide of the right post.
It’s a throw-in for Stoke City.
It looks like Morgan Amalfitano (West Brom) was seeing red according to his tackle. Lee Probert won’t tolerate such behaviour on the pitch and blows for a foul.
This is a pitiful situation indeed. Gareth McAuley (West Brom) suffers a good deal of misfortune as he accidentally puts a pass, which went to one of the attacking players, into his own net. The score is 0:1.
Youssouf Mulumbu (West Brom) acted too fiercely in his attempt to get the ball from his opponent and Lee Probert calls for a foul.
Some great controlled play and passing in the middle of the pitch from Stoke City.
Peter Odemwingie (Stoke City) makes a yard for himself on the edge of the box and produces a poor effort, which sails miles wide of the right post.
Marc Wilson (Stoke City) received a pass inside the box, sent a dangerous shot on goal, but celebration has been thwarted by one of the defenders who stepped in and blocked his effort. It’s hard to say whether the keeper would have been there.
An unsuccessful long-range effort by Morgan Amalfitano (West Brom) after he collected a pass and unleashed his shot. He attempted to surprise the goalkeeper, but for him it was an easy job to stop his shot.
Jonathan Walters (Stoke City) wastes a big opportunity! He controls the ball after a nice low pass and shoots the ball towards the goal from a promising distance. His poor effort goes into the stands.
Marko Arnautovic (Stoke City) takes a sweet touch after collecting a precise cross, and he produces a decent effort which goes by a whisker over the crossbar.
The resulting corner from Graham Dorrans (West Brom) is cleared.
West Brom didn’t take advantage of the corner to score. The opposition’s defence is alert and averts the threat.
OFF THE BAR! Craig Dawson (West Brom) finds some space to meet the corner kick and unleashes a shot that only crashes against the bar! Graham Dorrans (West Brom) takes the corner.
There’s an opportunity for Graham Dorrans (West Brom) to deliver the ball into the box from a corner.
Stephane Sessegnon (West Brom) was trying to latch on to a defence-splitting pass, which could have put him in a promising position, but one of the defending players intercepted the effort. Good work from West Brom as they win a corner.
Stoke City now with a spell of possession, but here comes a mistake and the movement is intercepted.
The first half of this match is about to start.
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Lee Probert is introduced as the main referee for today’s match.
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